Vietnam Expansionism ( I )

About the Exiled King of Champa in Cambodia

Brief History of Vietnamese Expansionism vis-à-vis Cambodia

Documents On Vietcong and N.Vietnamese Aggression Against Cambodia (1970)

First Intervention of the Vietnamese Military in Cambodia in 1658 (Ngoc Van, Jayajetta II's Wife)

Indochina in North Vietnamese Strategy

Intelligent Report "Communism and Cambodia"

La Colonisation et le Repeuplement des Vietnamiens au Cambodge

La Mainmese Politique et Administrative Vietnamienne du Cambodge

LA Mainmise Politique et Administrative Vietnamienne du Cambodge

La Minorité Cambodgienne de Cochinchine

Le Processus de la Colonisation Viêtnamienne du Cambodge (In Khmer)

Political Disputes to War Between Communist Vietnam and Khmer Rouge

Second Intervention of The Vietnamese Military into Cambodia (1673-1679)

Some Documents on Khmer Relations Between Cambodia and Annam 1843

The Border Between Cambodia & Vietnam XVII Century

The Colonization of Vietnam and Vietnamese Colonialism

The Conquest of Kampuchea Krom by the Nguyens

The Khmer Rouge and The Vietnamese Communist a History of Their Relations as Told in the Soviet Archives

The Origin of Cochinchina

The Process of The Vietnamese Colonization in Cambodia

The Third Indochina War

The Vietnamese Conquest of Cambodia and the Spoil of War

UPDATED "The First Vietnamese Military Intervention in Cambodia 1658-1659"

US Task Force Document on Vietnam Expansionism in Cambodia


Vietnam Imperial March Nationalism

Vietnam or Indochina? Contesting Concepts of SPace in Vietnamese Nationalism 1887 1954

Vietnam's Expansionism in Indochina

Vietnam-Champa Relations and the Malay-Islam Regional Network in the 17th–19th Centuries

Vietnamese Military Intervention Transformed into Khmer Rouge